Cetacean Research Partners

Cetacean Research Partners

A non-profit research, education and outreach organization specializing in whale, dolphin and porpoise ecology, acoustics, and dive-tag development.

Southern Resident Killer Whales; photo taken under Federal Permit

About Us

Cetacean Research Partners was founded in 2013 by Dave Haas, a biology and marine biology graduate of the University of Washington. Dave's primary research interest is marine bioacoustics in the context of cetacean behavioral and foraging ecology. Dave is particularly interested in using acoustic dive tags and passive acoustic technologies to describe unexplored aspects of cetacean behavioral and foraging ecology, diving physiology and energetics. Dave is also broadly interested in cetacean evolution and the use of genomics to investigate adaptive evolution in specific genes, particularly those associated with cerebral gyrification, vocalization, communication and hearing.

Prior to founding Cetacean Research Partners, Dave held a number of senior executive and technology leadership roles. Most recently Dave was the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Worldwide Game Studios at PopCap Games, Inc., where he led a worldwide organization of hundreds of employees, overseeing the development of hundreds of products played by millions of consumers across dozens of technology platforms. As a key technology executive, Dave helped grow the company from thirteen to over 400 employees, profitably increasing revenues by more than 40% each year with annual budget responsibility exceeding $20MM.